Getting the Dirt on your Soil – A soil education project


Through a series of soil workshops and individualised soil testing & analysis, this project empowered grazers on the Mornington Peninsula to better understand their soil and ultimately reduce the amount of fertiliser applied to their land. Outcomes ultimately include lower nutrient run-off, reduced erosion, greater productivity and more sustainable land management.

The first year of the project, funded by ‘Sustainable Table’ was so successful, we ran another one in 2019 for cattle or sheep farmers in the Somerville/Baxter area.

Participants received:

  • 50% subsidised soil tests
  • Free interpretation and advice on improving productivity and soil health
  • Free tickets to two informative workshops on soil test interpretation and nutrient management
  • A greater understanding of you soil’s capability
  • Potential to save money and time through more targeted approach

Thanks to ‘Ripe for Change’ and Agriculture Victoria for supporting this valuable project.