Mornington Peninsula Intrepid Landcare


Mornington Peninsula Intrepid Landcare is a dynamic group of 20-30 year olds supporting the next generation of environmental warriors dedicated to the preservation of the unique natural environment of the Mornington Peninsula. We acknowledge and pay our respects to the rich indigenous cultural heritage, knowledge and care for Country that has been occurring on this planet for thousands of years. Our mission is to give back to the land that has provided so much benefit to us and fight to protect this wonderful earth and its critters, big and small.

Intrepid Landcare is a fantastic way for young people to come together and create the change they want to see in the world. Not bound by catchment boundaries, MPIL will be partnering with our existing Landcare groups on current and planned projects, as well as working alongside ‘Friends Of’ groups in our local state and national parks and Shire managed bushland reserves. Other initiatives include engaging events and workshops to reconnect people with nature and educate on environmental issues that are especially important to younger generations.

Who are we?

Most members have grown up on the Peninsula and spent countless summers hiking through national parks, surfing in our clean beaches and mimicking the calls of our colourful bird life.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the the rich indigenous cultural heritage, knowledge and care for country that has been occurring on this land for thousands of years. We all have a lot longer on this planet and things within the climate and policy sphere aren’t looking too good right now, therefore we want to be able to give back to the land that has provided so much benefit to us. I, personally, want to be able to tell my future kids that I fought to protect this wonderful earth and its critters- big and small.

What we love about the peninsula’s natural environment?

We love that 70% of land here is green-wedge, and that while its only small, there is still 30% of remnant vegetation left. We love the diversity in landscapes from the middens in the coastal national parks to the Xathanthorroeas growing in Greens Bush. We live in paradise and we want to help protect that.

Why form an environmental group for young people on the peninsula?

Volunteers and community are the backbone to any environmental protection and enhancement so we want to help support the next generation of environmental warriors.

What we hope to achieve with MP Intrepid Landcare?

Assist existing Landcare groups and Friends Groups with some fresh talent, run environmental workshops and educational events to increase the communities knowledge on environmental management, and reconnect people with their backyards.

New members are welcome to join our tribe using our downloadable Mornington Peninsula Intrepid Landcare Membership Form.

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On the horizon

  • Coolart Conversations – The intent behind these series of events is to create a place where locals can come together to learn about and celebrate the unique and special nature of the place they call home (Western Port). We are premiering on the 5th of May with Dr Tavis Dutka a Senior Lecture from La Trobe University who will speaking about the recently discovered globally unique and significant Bryozoan reefs of Western Port
  • Regular Working bees – sign up to keep in the loop

How can you help?

Do you have any friends who would be interested in joining? Do you have any ideas for engaging environmental events? Is there somewhere you’d like to go out and weed? The more young people we can inspire the better! It is so important to protect our local environment and help support the older volunteer groups. Storms and other extreme weather events are going to become more frequent making our bushlands and coast lines more vulnerable!

Get in contact to let us know thoughts and how much you’d like to be involved.